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Din e Mark Comic Series

This was a project that I did for a workshop that I had the honor to lead in a school. The workshop was about creative writting, the main point was to teach kids how to write their own stories and promote the reading. 

So I created this little comic for them, with the end open so the kids could create their own ending, and it was absolutely amazing seeing all their ideas.


This is a motion graphic job that I did for Blap Studio. I was given a model to work with and had to copy the style for the other videos. I did some animations and video editing. I used After Effects and Premiere.


This is a editing job that I did for VFX. They gave me the scenes and I had to add transitions, sync wiht the audio and fix the animation if necessary. I used After Effects and Premiere.

I did also some illustrations for selling, like clothes and muggs.

Here are some of my designs.

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